About Me - Persie Baroody

HI!!! I'm Persie and I'm SO happy you're here.

I'm an 18-year-old adventure & portrait photographer based in Sherborn, Massachusetts! 

When I'm not taking pictures I'm either running or traveling. Running is my safe haven. In the summer, I spend my mornings running and my nights taking pictures. I LOVE to travel!! I have a crazy heart and am totally an adrenaline junkie - check down below for some of my favorite adventures!!!(:

Mountains and fields are my FAVES! I'm always down to travel or hike to find new places! Take me on your adventures!!! I'll climb a mountain in the pouring rain to capture your love!!

To me, photography is about capturing special, genuine moments and being able to share that with others. I'm a little obsessed with capturing love!!! I love taking pictures of people who share love or are in love - ANY KIND OF LOVE! I want to capture your life - whoever that may be with and whatever it may be about. When you look back at your pictures, you should be able to see YOU. I'd love to be not only your photographer but your FRIEND, so shoot me a message and let's start telling your story.

Image to the left taken by Sydney Sack, edited by me


Grand Canyon National Park

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

European Alps, Switzerland

Sherborn, Massachusetts

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Ashburnham, Massachusetts