HI!!! I'm Persie and I'm SO happy you're here.

Image taken by Nia Kovacev Photography, edited by me

I'm an 18-year-old adventure & portrait photographer based in Sherborn, Massachusetts!  When I'm not taking pictures I'm either running or traveling.

Running is my safe haven. In the summer, I spend my mornings running and my nights taking pictures. I LOVE to travel!! I have a crazy heart and am totally an adrenaline junkie - check down below for some of my favorite adventures.

I always try to work the location into my sessions. More times than not, there is a reason behind the setting of your shoot. That reason is important. During all of my shoots, I like to take time to step back and see you from further away- see how you fit with your location.

Human connection is the most basic, universal feeling of comfort. I’m here to capture what that feeling looks like, FEELS like, for you. It’s unique to everyone- my goal is to find what makes your connection different and celebrate it with my pictures. When you look back at your photos, you should be able to see YOU.

Over the few years I’ve been shooting, I’ve realized that through this business, the people I meet have become my friends. I’ve made so many connections through photography- I hope that I can add you to that list.

If any of this sounds like you, shoot me a message and let's start telling your story.


Grand Canyon National Park

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

European Alps, Switzerland

Conway, New Hampshire

Guildford, Maine