O + P ~ A Massachusetts Mountain Elopement

Nia (@niakovacevphotography) and I have this thing where we text each other and thirty minutes later we have a full shoot planned. Both of us were needing some inspiration and some time to just CREATE again. With Massachusetts finally allowing photographers to shoot while practicing social distance- we jumped on it, ready for an adventure.

I met O + P (virtually) last week when I did a facetime session with them in their brand new home they bought in New Hampshire. Our personalities worked together so well and we knew we had to work together once guidelines were acceptable. So, when Nia and I put out the call, O + P were ready! 

The four of us met at around 4:30 at the bottom of the trail. O changed into her dress (available in my client closet), and we started the hike up. We decided to go the long way and take it slow, giving us an excuse to get to know each other even more. O + P met in high school, both went to different colleges, and in January 2019 got engaged. Unfortunately, P was deployed and O didn't want to do any of the wedding planning without him. It actually ended up working out really well for them with COVID-19 canceling so many 2020 weddings. They're so excited to tie the knot in September 2021. We reached the top at around 6 and sat down for a bit to take it all in. The light was too high for us to shoot there so we wandered back down the trail a little way to a green forest.

We wandered back down the trail even more to a spot where the sun shone through the trees. O told us that she was a sucker for a good forest, so of course, we had to get some shots there. As we wandered through the woods here, we had our first sighting of a dog that looked EXACTLY like Scooby-Doo. We all noticed, laughed, and then Nia and I watched Olivia and Phil as they slow danced in the magical golden light.

At this point, it was about 7. We made our way back up to the top, watching as the golden light flooded over the outlook. 

When thinking of one word to sum the day up, I came up with comfort. The comfort O + P have with each other. The comfort Nia and I feel when shooting with each other. The comfort I feel when creating. The comfort the four of us felt the whole evening, basking in the beauty of Mother Earth. We took time to just take it all in- the warm sun, the stunning view, the quiet wind. I'm so grateful to O + P for spending 6+ hours of their Saturday with us. Their connection is truly inspiring and was such a blessing to capture. 

As the sun got closer to the horizon line, we made our way back down the mountain, stopping a few times along the way, but most importantly enjoying the absolutely stunning red sun that warmed us as we hiked down.