It's so interesting to me how different an experience of taking pictures can be when you're doing it with a fellow photographer. It's truly so much more inspiring and the results are freakin incredible.

Nia and I started talking over Instagram in August of last year. We kept wanting to plan shoots together but with both of us going into our senior year of high school, we just didn't have the time. In March of this year, we finally had the chance to meet each other at a styled shoot in Connecticut. We both drove 2 hours after school to get there and immediately hit it off. Since then, we've become close friends, planning shoots, creating magic, and growing together. My connection with Nia is one of my best in the photography world because we can relate to each other so well. We're both fighting the odds and running businesses as high schoolers. We're the same year in school, we're both basically moving across the world next year. I'm so thankful for my friendship with Nia and am so excited for what's to come with everything we're planning this summer.

This night was definitely one of my favorites. Recently, I've been packed with sessions (YAY!!) but I can still feel myself getting to burn out sometimes. I really needed a session that would remind me of why I love creating and this did just that. Nia let me get creative and we just had fun talking, laughing, and taking pictures of each other. It was so fun to capture her spirit after getting to know her for a full year. I can't wait to see the amazing things you do in FREAKIN IRELAND next year Nia!!!!!