K + K ~ A New Hampshire Water Adventure

Well friends, this day was QUITE the adventure. @niakovacevphotography and I basically spent 7 hours in the car driving to and from (and around) New Hampshire. After realizing that our original location closes at 4:30, we had to switch spots. We met K + K at our new location. Nia and I got there a bit early and decided to explore. Right when we got out of the car, we saw our good friend Abby (@abigailreneephotography), coming out of the trail with her clients- what are the chances?! I had actually texted Nia that morning when I saw that Abby was shooting in NH and said what are the odds we see her... Once we said hello, Nia and I walked down the path to the waterfall and our jaws quite literally dropped. The fall was HUGE- there was water spraying all over us as we watched from the lookout, the rocks slippery and the water cold. K +K  met us at 6 and we wandered all around snapping some pictures and getting soaking wet. We slipped a few times but saw some crazy awesome nature.

After we finished at the first waterfall, we had plans to go to a fall where we could swim and get some water shots. We put the spot into our GPS' and made our way there. Nia and I ended up with one GPS telling us to DRIVE down a dirk WALKING PATH and one GPS telling us the falls were at a gated house. At this point it was about 7:30 and we only had 30 minutes left of light. Nia saw that Echo Lake was right near by so we made our way there and hopped out of our cars at 7:45. We walked to the water and quickly realized we had it all. to. ourselves. Echo Lake- ALL TO OURSELVES. We put on our bathing suits and waded into the water. It was crazy warm and we all just had a blast with the mountains right next to us. K played with the tadpoles and K splashed her with some water. We took it all in, knowing there would probably never be another chance to experience this without other people there.

After this, Nia and I started heading home- a 3 hour drive! I dropped her off at around 11:50 and made it home by 12. This day was FULL of adventures. The locations were epic, K + K are SO FREAKIN FUN to photograph, and of course, creating with Nia is always the best.