K + G~ An Intimate New Hampshire Wedding

This day touched my heart in so many ways. K + G are from Arizona. When I used to do horse and rider portraits, I made a good friend, Ari. I shot her and her horse Odie a few times and we made an amazing friendship that I am so thankful to have. When Ari found out K + G were getting married, she put us in contact.

This being in the fall of 2019, we all had no idea what the coming months would bring with COVID. K + G had to reduce the size of their wedding by a huge amount and move the venue. They drove from Arizona, taking a few days so that they could stop and see their friends along the way. They met their family in New Hampshire and had a beautiful, laid-back ceremony yesterday at this beautiful spot. It poured rain until about 10 minutes before their ceremony and then the sun came out so we could see the mountain views behind them. They said their vows in the field with this beautiful mountain view behind, and we wandered around the back fields for their bridal portraits. Their officiant was their best friend, K’s maid of honor was her sister. The intimacy of their day made it even more special to me. I caught up with Ari, got to know K + G and their parents, and just spent the hot day with people that felt like, and now are, good friends. I shed a few tears when Ari saw K the first time and walked all around trying to find the best spots for bridal portraits. K looked like a stunning greek goddess- barefoot and decorated with golden jewelry.

Tomorrow they head back to Arizona, taking a different route so that can stop and see more friends along that way- this time as husband and wife. The day had so many raw emotions and I’m so thankful to have gotten to capture it.