I + D ~ An Afternoon Elopement in the White Mountains

This day was one for the books. Yet another adventure with Nia, we set off at around 3pm to head up to the Whites to meet Izzy + Darwin. We talked the whole way up and as we got into the mountains we just listened to music and absorbed the beauty with the occasional "I wish I lived here."

We made it to our first spot at around 5 and wandered towards the path, scouting it out a little before Izzy + Darwin arrived. We all met up and packed our backpacks and headed off down the trail. Our first spot involved wading through a stream and sinking into some mud. Izzy + Darwin snuggled up and we got a few shots of them in the beautiful outdoors. From there we walked 2 minutes down the way and sat on the edge of a lake nestled in the mountains. We took it all in and dipped our feet in as we were all a bit hot. 

Next we drove a little ways down the road and made it to one of my favorite short hikes, Artist's Bluff. Izzy + Darwin slipped into their elopement apparel and we practically ran up the steep path to the overlook. Breathing quite heavily, we made it to the top and suck over to the side to capture Izzy + Darwin's story. The time up top went by so fast and we were quickly scurrying back down the mountain to grab a few shots in the middle of the street before heading back home. The late night was more than worth it- this day will be one of my favorites forever!!!!