H + Pip ~ A Mountain Adventure Branding Session

There's something about these days I spend with photographers that make me fall in love with adventure photography all over again. Just the fact that I can hike a mountain with someone I've never met face to face before, someone who I've gotten to know solely online, and have SUCH a good time. Being able to capture other photographers and WHO they are and what they love doing just makes me so incredibly happy. 

Hattie and I have been getting to know each other on Instagram for a while now. We haven't had the chance to really meet each other until yesterday! She was the winner of my branding session giveaway and of course, she wanted to do it in the mountains with her pup, Pip! The hike was short but WAYYYYY steeper than we were expecting. We were both totally sweaty and out of breath. But the view at the top was definitely worth it. I had done a few shoots here last summer- the view of Squam is so beautiful. We got the perfect light and had such a fun time just taking in the nature and playing around with Pip.