E + C

A Summer Elopement in the Mystic Seaport

This night was nothing short of incredible. We hopped on a boat and drifted down Mystic Seaport with E + C. It was QUITE the experience let me tell you- there was a lot of leaning off the boat and trying not to fall off. At one point Abby (@abigailreneephotography) and I got picked up by a nice couple and floated BESIDE our boat.

Captain John was the absolute best and let us climb all over the boat to get our shots. ⁣ E + C were so perfect- as we traveled down the seaport, they got so many waves, shouts, and horns congratulating them. They were hilarious together and capturing their love was effortless.⁣ We got the absolute perfect day- the golden light warmed C + E’s skin and a light breeze kept us cool. The sky turned from blue to orange to purple as it set over the ocean. Forever thankful for nights like these.⁣